For many motorists, their car is their livelihood, their independence. When someone else’s faulty driving puts that independence at risk, there is no reason you should be on the hook for the costs of repair or any injuries sustained in an automobile accident. That’s why hiring an experienced, hardworking car accident attorney is hugely important. Read on and find out why.

Many accident victims commit the cardinal sin of not hiring a car accident attorney and hoping that the insurance companies can find a palatable solution. Some accident victims are under the misguided belief they are saving money by doing so. However, the ensuing damages to their automobile and loss of potential wages far outweighs any amount of money they would have saved, making such a decision unnecessary.

A car accident attorney will make sure you have the full protection of the law on your side. They explain your rights to you and make sure you don’t bear the brunt of the cost of repairs and personal injuries. Car accident attorney are the barrier between you and the insurance companies, who are trying to avoid hefty payouts at all costs.

An experienced car accident attorney will also be able to tell you ahead of time whether or not you even have a case to sue the other driver. Unfortunately, due to the different state in laws, even in a case where the other driver is clearly at fault, you may not have the right to sue. Meanwhile, other states still allow lawsuits to be filed even by a driver who is declared by police officers to be at least somewhat at fault for the accident.

Car accident attorneys who are skilled and adept in the art of negotiation can also procure a settlement for their client without ever even stepping into a courtroom. Many automobile accident cases are settled out of court by the insurance companies, who wish to avoid protracted legal battles. In many cases, it is better to take the settlement offer rather than risk going to trial, spending the money on legal fees and ending up with a lesser amount. Car accident attorneys will be able to explain to you the advantages and the disadvantages of each method.

Your case may take a long period of time before going to trial, and then once a decision is reached, it may take some time before receiving a settlement. It is important to retain a car accident attorney so that you can know exactly how much time it will take. This way, you can plan in the meantime or possibly be recommended to a company who can lend you on the money on the promise of settlement money to come.

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