The questions you should ask a potential criminal defense attorney are numerous. However some questions are critical to assess your lawyer’s ability to defend you in court. These questions include questions of defense, problems, strategy, and options.

To start out you need to ask your lawyer what defenses they see in your case. An experienced lawyer will know what defense they are looking into during the initial consultation. Ask the lawyer to specify what type of defense they think they will use in your case. It is critical to know what the potential case the lawyer might use in your case.

Your lawyer should also have a rough idea as to what problems your case might have. The more experienced a lawyer is the better your criminal defense attorney will be able to recognize potential problems in your defense. It is better for you to hear these problems now than when you get into the courtroom. You deserve a criminal defense attorney who will know these problems before they enter the courtroom. You do not want a lawyer that will get caught off guard so be sure to ask the criminal defense attorney what problems they see in your case.

The lawyer should also know what strategy they anticipate using in this case. Strategy is important and you need a lawyer that has a strategy that you feel will be effective and that will also be right for you. Be sure to know what the goal of your case is, whether that may be a reduction in sentencing or a completely not guilty verdict and ask how the lawyer plans to achieve that goal. You want a lawyer that has the right goal for you and who has a great plan to achieve that goal.

You also need to know what the possible outcomes of the case are. Every criminal case comes with a wide range of outcomes and before you do anything you need to make sure you know what the possible consequences for your case are. These consequences will have an impact on every decision you make in your case from taking a plea bargain to simply deciding what defense you want to use. Also by asking your lawyer the possible outcomes you are assessing whether or not they know anything about your type of case. If they give you ridiculously lenient possible outcomes then you might not want to hire that particular lawyer. Asking about possible outcomes allows you to assess the quality of your lawyer and also your case as a whole.

These questions are critical for you to make sure that you hire a proper criminal defense attorney. These are not the only questions you will be asking but they are a great start.

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