Deloris and Garret met each other while mediating for law firms that specialized in financial issues, thus the name of their combined organization being named “Capital Legal.” They decided to combine their knowledge and became co-partners of a venture to serve individuals by providing excellent advice and aid people with the knowledge that they need in order to make extremely important decisions that affect them both legally and financially.

Deloris and Garret have chosen to share their many combined years of experience with the public so that everyone is well informed on legal and financial issues. After seeing many real life people being misguided and charged for unnecessary services, Deloris and Garret began to feel an ethical duty to point people in the right direction, thus saving them from such hassles.

Capital Legal serves an important role in the decision making processes of many renowned businesses and individuals and has become an asset to many prominent parties as they help to make decisions concerning legal issues that can have a tremendous impact on those involved.